"Digitab are amazing! Right from the beginning the team were really engaged with the project and made sure that they understood all requirements, along with suggesting alternative ways to present things. Unlike traditional automation methods, Digitab seem more flexible in the outputs they can produce. In my experience Digitab outputs make setting up reports a seamless process. Throughout the process Digitab have been so responsive and proactive, running reports in record speed and sometimes with very little notice, going above and beyond the requirements. I would definitely recommend using Digitab to anyone for the quality outputs and great service!"

"Digitab are currently automating our reports and have been a pleasure to work with. Their overall service has been excellent and exceeded all our expectations. They are always quick to respond, are clear and honest in their communications and provide accurate and efficient work. It has been a challenging project and we have had to ask Digitab to spend considerably more time than anticipated on it and to work under considerable time pressures, but all our requests have always been met with a fast, clear, understanding and supportive response, as well as quick and efficient work to meet our requirements."

"We recently worked with Digitab on a large-scale, multi-country research project; they supported us on the delivery of an automated library report that was both long and complex. In addition to helping to deliver these reports on time and budget, the quality of servicing, which demonstrated strong understanding of market research more broadly, played an integral part in helping deliver a high quality report our client was delighted with. This servicing is above what I have previously experienced, is evidenced by them becoming an integral part of our project team. Quality, collaboration and a happy client; true measures of success!"

"Digitab automated our Powerpoint reports for a key client.  An initial setup meeting to establish the brief was followed by a series of short meetings specific to individual reports.  Their breakdown of associated costs & timings was clear and on budget.  Digitab were approachable and flexible, their analytic knowledge and expertise meant they were able to suggest innovative and efficient solutions to the challenges presented.  We have reduced the amount of time spent physically charting data on a quarterly basis by a number of days - days much better spent working in areas that are of more value to our clients."

"The Digitab automation team responded well to 2 highly challenging and complex automation requests. Whilst able to discuss and problem solve independently, what was really striking was the team's ability to effectively collaborate with a wide variety of internal stakeholders in both analytical and more client facing roles. This enabled provision of accurate solutions that provided exactly what our clients were looking for. Extremely hard working and committed, the team stepped up when needed, quickly adapting every step of the way, whilst anticipating potential issues and suggesting solutions. Overall a fantastic partner that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend."

"Digitab supported us significantly and consistently over the past year- setting up/ maintaining report automation for a complex tracking study with multiple outputs/ complex routing. They helped save a large chunk of team time (extremely valuable given how busy our team is), and tailored the outputs to any layout required to meet our clients' needs. This service also enabled us to turnaround reports quickly and efficiently for our time-poor client. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Digitab in the future, and working with them to develop even more creative and flexible outputs to meet our client's needs."

"For the first two years of a four-year contract, for each of x6 trackers, a person would manually update the toplines, and another would repeat as a 'double-check'. This meant time, inevitable errors in data entry, and tedium. We reached out to Digitab. They understood the requirements with minimal briefing. Digitab worked quickly from the spec, challenging our ways of working, with a positive attitude. They recreated the toplines for each project, and reduced costs, delighted our client with quicker delivery, and hugely increased team morale, freeing-up time to fulfil the PM and Insight roles they were employed to do."

"The Digitab Team have consistently worked to create a tailored response to all my quantitative study analyses usually with some new and innovative approach to crack whatever problem is thrown at them which will squeeze the last atom of meaning from the data. Always completely unfazed whether the need has arisen post-fieldwork, and with less than ideal data or working from the proposal stage when, together, we have been able to bring my client's market to vivid life for them. I rely on them completely with my quantitative proposals. They are my extra edge in any competitive situation."

"Digitab are our 'go to' company when we have a project requiring complex or clever approaches to deliver insights to clients. One of the key benefits of working with the team as that they are always willing to develop a bespoke solution for the particular business issue that we are working on and never just propose an off the shelf approach. This often involves having to go away and put in considerable extra work, but the willingness to do this invariably produces great results. A highly professional team that is always willing to go the extra mile for their clients."