Digitab are specialists in the provision of start-to-end market research operations in the healthcare sector. Digitab can help at any stage of the process; we can collect, process, analyse and report the data. We can help with the whole process, or just the elements where you need extra resource and expertise.

Coding (and Adverse Event checking)
Data entry and Postal Surveys
Report Automation/ Dashboards
Statistical Analysis

Healthcare Sample
We have access to panels with over 2 million Healthcare Professionals and over 5 million patients (consumers). We are also willing to work with your partner (who would recruit) whilst we program and host the survey, or we can source/ recruit sample from our partners.

Healthcare Survey Scripting
We understand the complexities of Healthcare surveys - with the potential, for example, doctor-patient-treatment line hierarchical surveys across multiple markets and waves - and we understand the value of HCPs' time (not just in terms of incentives paid, but also in terms of making sure we achieve the maximum response rate from hard-to-reach specialists). It's important to go beyond just 'getting it right'; we also need to ensure surveys are optimised for respondent engagement to collect high quality data.

We use a range of platforms (including Dimensions, Confirmit, Decipher, Qualtrics, etc.), allowing for extremely complex and customised surveys. We also offer tablet surveys including offline data collection functionality.

We offer real-time reporting and dashboards (including flagging potential adverse events).

Healthcare coding, data entry and postal surveys
Our very experienced coders are practised in the coding of medical studies (including checking for Adverse Events). We are able to undertake technical translations and can (for selected languages) code directly from local language text. We also offer a range of automated coding solutions including sentiment analysis and automated concept categorisation.

We can manage postal surveys as well as data entry/ scanning of paper questionnaires.

Tabulations and Data Provision
Digitab specialise in the provision of medical/healthcare study tables. Our staff have on average over 20 years' of experience at Digitab and are highly regarded for their experience, knowledge and communication skills.

We're able to handle the most complex analysis for hierarchical and longitudinal data structures. We’re equally comfortable providing analysis based on your specifications or following the inherent routing of the survey and are happy to advise on the best way to analyse your data. We would typically set up and finalise tables during fieldwork, so final tables are available shortly after fieldwork closes.

We typically provide tables in an interactive Excel table viewer, and can also provide the variables from the analysis in a database that allows you to do your own further cross-tabulations and analysis e.g. Desktop Reporter/ Reports for Surveys (RFS), Reflect, Excel, SPSS etc.

Report Automation and Dashboards
We provide an incredibly flexible and efficient report automation/ charting service. Our automated reporting service offers total flexibility on the design of your reports. Reports can be as simple or as complex as you like. Even completely custom reports can be automated, and with template and chart style re-use even further time and costs savings are possible.

We also provide online dashboards/ portals and powerful offline interactive dashboards.

Statistical analysis/ Advanced analytics
Since it was founded in 1980 by Eric Willson (Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society), Digitab has provided high quality statistical analysis to the Market Research industry. We have developed a wide range of software for multivariate analysis and statistical modelling. In 2001, Digitab won the award for “Best New Thinking” at the MRS Conference.