Our philosophy is to provide the support you need to develop a winning proposal that you and your client understands. Then to help you implement a research program that uses advanced statistical analysis that provides relevant more insightful results than standard tables.

Understanding your research – Planning and design
Our team can help in many areas such as:

  • identification of needs in the market through key driver analysis
  • segmenting the market to enable more precise targeting
  • to monitor and predict trends
  • to measure the effects of different pricing strategies
  • forecasting whether a product concept will generate sufficient revenue for a launch
  • build a way ofmeasuring performance, emotional or behavioural concepts
  • to identify brand health (strengths and weakness), and to determine the brand position and what is needed to position it more effectively.

These are only a few applications where statisticians can enhance the research results. Let us help you delve more deeply into your research through our knowledge and experience. We can provide input to the research proposal by providing a statistical plan, technical write-ups, advice on sample size and offer statistical consultancy on questionnaire design.

Statistical team
Our team comprises of statisticians, analysts and programmers so you will have all the expertise and resource that you need. Our integrated approach means the statistical process can be conducted seamlessly.

This will give you the confidence to present the results that you need and to continue this cycle to further build an understanding of the constructs under development.

Interactive models
We can often provide a dynamic model that allows both you and your client to change the conditions of the final model. This allows more flexibility by allowing you to test different scenarios that are of interest.

Workshops Training
Digitab can also provide workshops or training sessions for researchers to develop their statistical knowledge so that statistical analysis becomes an additional tool in the researchers’ range of methodologies.

By using Digitab you will have found a valuable partner who will help you take your research to the next level. You will naturally start to incorporate more statistical analysis in to your research and be able to tackle more complex research issues. Our specialist knowledge in multivariate analysis will guide you on appropriate methodologies to increase the quality of your findings and generate actionable results.

Leading edge
Digitab has been at the forefront of developments in statistical analysis for Market Research for over a quarter of a century and we are continually introducing new techniques. In 2001, Digitab won the award for “Best New Thinking” at the MRS Conference. Our understanding of the tools available is unparalleled and our practical experience of utilizing these tools on actual projects is second to none.