Digitab offers the full range of market research data processing services with expert project management of the whole process.

Data Entry
We offer scanning and manual data entry with 100% verification.

Digitab can advise on the most appropriate data entry methodology for your needs to provide you with a fast, flexible, accurate and cost effective data capture solution.

We can enter data from any source, including columnated questionnaires, forms designed for scanning and other documents. We can also help design the questionnaire for you.

Manual Coding
We have a team of very experienced coders who will code up any open-ended (verbatim) responses on your questionnaire (including reporting of adverse events for medical studies). This enables us to tabulate and statistically analyse the qualitative responses to your questions.

Automated Coding
We also offer a range of automated coding solutions including sentiment analysis and automated concept categorisation.

Verbatim Capture
In addition to or instead of coding, we can provide you with the verbatim comments of all open-ended responses. These can also be supplied using our interactive Verbatim Search Engine Tool, which allows you to do keyword searches, filter comments by topics and demographics, and export the results to Excel or Word.

We can capture data and verbatim comments from questionnaires in any language.

Editing/ data cleaning
Data can be cleaned by pre-agreed forced edits or by writing a program which checks the data for logic / consistency errors. Postal addresses can be verified / corrected by using the Post Office Address File (PAF).