National Volunteers Week – Run to do Good

To celebrate Volunteers Week 2018 Rosanna at Digitab joined up with over 150 volunteer runners from business across London and took part in Team London and GoodyGym’s ‘Run to do Good 2018’.

Run to do Good is a running event for business volunteers, which combines keeping fit and doing good for the local community.

The event was part of Volunteers' Week 2018 - the annual campaign which raises awareness of the thousands of volunteers in London that make a difference to their communities every day across our city.

Rosanna was allocated to ‘Team Poppies’ and had the target of making 1000 poppy boxes in 50 minutes.  After a 2.2km run from City Hall to the Guildhall, dodging tourists and traffic lights we got stuck in immediately to our task.  Last year’s team had managed 984 boxes.  The competitive spirt had got the better of us and we were determined to beat it.  After 30 minutes of frantic folding, filling, sticking and packing it was announced that we had made our target!  It was only at that point that we took stock of our surroundings and found that we had been working in an art gallery filled with fabulous artworks such as Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s La Ghirlandata!

Then it was another run taking us back to our starting point of City Hall for a cool down and stretch session led by one of GoodGym’s volunteer trainers.

It was an exhilarating feeling to be part a ‘flash mob’ of volunteers doing good.   GoodGym hold runs every week in 44 locations across the UK.  They run in groups to do physical tasks for community organisations such as gardening (or making poppy boxes).  They run to help older people with one off tasks they can no longer do alone, such as clearing gardens or changing lightbulbs.   And, they run to make social visits to isolated older people.

Find out more about GoodGym here and join a run

To donate the British Legion’s Poppy appeal click here

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