Why are surveys still only designed for desktop users?

In 2016, 41% of our UK panellists joined by smartphone. There’s no denying that the mobile phone – something that 85% of us own and that we as a nation check 28 times a day – is becoming more and more prevalent. So why are surveys still designed for desktop users, creating a negative experience for mobile survey respondents?

US data shows that the drop-out rate for respondents attempting to complete surveys on mobiles can be as high as 28% – compared to 15% on a PC or laptop. Why so high? Likely because surveys are traditionally designed without mobile users in mind – the smaller screen size, the on-the-go mindset of the mobile survey respondent, the need for speed and the need for flexibility. We see it as vital that our surveys are designed to be mobile friendly and to work on all devices.

To that end, Digitab is pleased to announce that our scripting platform promises a better respondent experience, whatever medium they are completing the survey on.

The interactive and responsive survey design adapts to fit the device screen a respondent is using, whether it is PC, tablet or mobile. It makes full use of the available space on each device in order to minimise the need for scrolling and give the survey an engaging, app-like feel.


The survey automatically adapts to which way the respondent is holding their phone, and can work across platforms, either online or offline.


Designed to meet Google Material Design standards

Google Material Design is “A visual language for our users that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science.” The Digitab scripting platform has been created with these principles in mind, to not only engage survey respondents and reduce drop-off, but to offer a pleasant survey-taking experience that can benefit your brand.

When designing a questionnaire, we recommend that you think ‘Mobile First’ at all times. As more and more people use (and rely on) smartphones for every aspect of their lives, making your survey work on a small screen, used by busy people on the move, is paramount.

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