What makes our report automation service indispensable to our clients?

The benefits of report automation are widely established, resulting in improved speed, accuracy and cost savings, which Digitab have embraced for over 30 years, working on high profile projects and at times generating thousands of reports a month.

What makes our report automation service indispensable to our clients, is our flexibility, which starts with our experienced and talented team. On average, our staff have been at Digitab for 20+ years and include a passionate mix of experts, possessing a wide breadth of knowledge and skills including market research, data processing, statistical analysis, report design, programming, working closely together in combining these in our report automation. Digitab support our clients throughout, from customised examples during proposals, to advice on analysis, report design and data visualisation.

How do we deliver value?

  • Flexible design; can automate almost anything: interactive, infographics, commentary, custom charts, multiple sources, significance testing, statistical techniques.
  • Flexible outputs: PowerPoint/Excel/Word/pdf/online, etc.
  • Flexible approach to meet needs of the project, working with any combination of client templates, slide libraries, or our designers can create stunning reports that clearly convey the results.
  • Flexible to change; able to react quickly to changes in the specification. Where the necessary tools don't exist we've created/modified our own as new functionality is required.

This incredible flexibility results in even faster delivery, accuracy and cost savings and extremely satisfied clients (not only delighting their stakeholders, but also improving team morale, and freeing up time to deliver insight).

We asked our automation clients how much time our service saved versus their previous approach, and their answers ranged up to 65%. They all said they would use us again and all said they would recommend us to others. Below are a couple of their comments:

"Yes, pushing internally for automation to become the standard approach"
"We found them first... just kidding... yes, absolutely"

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