National Volunteers Week – Run to do Good

To celebrate Volunteers Week 2018 Rosanna at Digitab joined up with over 150 volunteer runners from business across London and took part in Team London and GoodyGym’s ‘Run to do Good 2018’.

Run to do Good is a running event for business volunteers, which combines keeping fit and doing good for the local community.

The event was part of Volunteers' Week 2018 - the annual campaign which raises awareness of the thousands of volunteers in London that make a difference to their communities every day across our city.

Rosanna was allocated to ‘Team Poppies’ and had the target of making 1000 poppy boxes in 50 minutes.  After a 2.2km run from City Hall to the Guildhall, dodging tourists and traffic lights we got stuck in immediately to our task.  Last year’s team had managed 984 boxes.  The competitive spirt had got the better of us and we were determined to beat it.  After 30 minutes of frantic folding, filling, sticking and packing it was announced that we had made our target!  It was only at that point that we took stock of our surroundings and found that we had been working in an art gallery filled with fabulous artworks such as Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s La Ghirlandata!

Then it was another run taking us back to our starting point of City Hall for a cool down and stretch session led by one of GoodGym’s volunteer trainers.

It was an exhilarating feeling to be part a ‘flash mob’ of volunteers doing good.   GoodGym hold runs every week in 44 locations across the UK.  They run in groups to do physical tasks for community organisations such as gardening (or making poppy boxes).  They run to help older people with one off tasks they can no longer do alone, such as clearing gardens or changing lightbulbs.   And, they run to make social visits to isolated older people.

Find out more about GoodGym here and join a run

To donate the British Legion’s Poppy appeal click here

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Why are surveys still only designed for desktop users?

In 2016, 41% of our UK panellists joined by smartphone. There’s no denying that the mobile phone – something that 85% of us own and that we as a nation check 28 times a day – is becoming more and more prevalent. So why are surveys still designed for desktop users, creating a negative experience for mobile survey respondents?

US data shows that the drop-out rate for respondents attempting to complete surveys on mobiles can be as high as 28% – compared to 15% on a PC or laptop. Why so high? Likely because surveys are traditionally designed without mobile users in mind – the smaller screen size, the on-the-go mindset of the mobile survey respondent, the need for speed and the need for flexibility. We see it as vital that our surveys are designed to be mobile friendly and to work on all devices.

To that end, Digitab is pleased to announce that our scripting platform promises a better respondent experience, whatever medium they are completing the survey on.

The interactive and responsive survey design adapts to fit the device screen a respondent is using, whether it is PC, tablet or mobile. It makes full use of the available space on each device in order to minimise the need for scrolling and give the survey an engaging, app-like feel.


The survey automatically adapts to which way the respondent is holding their phone, and can work across platforms, either online or offline.


Designed to meet Google Material Design standards

Google Material Design is “A visual language for our users that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science.” The Digitab scripting platform has been created with these principles in mind, to not only engage survey respondents and reduce drop-off, but to offer a pleasant survey-taking experience that can benefit your brand.

When designing a questionnaire, we recommend that you think ‘Mobile First’ at all times. As more and more people use (and rely on) smartphones for every aspect of their lives, making your survey work on a small screen, used by busy people on the move, is paramount.

Please contact us for further information. 

GDPR – Are you ready?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect on 25th May 2018, and is the biggest change to data privacy in 20 years. In the Market Research industry, this will affect the way we handle and store data.

What are the key headlines of GDPR? What is Digitab doing to be GDPR ready? And what tips can we offer you to be prepared for GDPR?

Headlines of GDPR

  • Broader definition of personal data: Now covers location data and other online identifiers.
  • Broader geographic scope: Applies to companies outside the EU, if they are handling data from the EU.
  • Consent:  Must be unambiguous, informed and by a statement or clear affirmative action.
  • Breach & notification: Authorities must be informed of any data breach within 72 hours of discovery.
  • Shared responsibility: Data processors and data controllers have obligations. Clients and suppliers need to work together.
  • Accountability: Must be able to demonstrate compliance.
  • Significant fines:  Fines for breaches of the GDPR are up to 4% of total worldwide global turnover.
  • Consumer rights:  GDPR enshrines the consumer's 'right to be forgotten', the 'right to object to data processing', and 'right to data portability'.

What Digitab is doing

  • Launching a GDPR Toolkit and GDPR tips
  • Appointing a GDPR Steering Committee and Accountability Leads
  • Creating a GDPR implementation plan and milestones for compliance
  • Drafting GDPR Policy and Guidance documents
  • Building a dedicated internal GDPR site
  • Establishing reporting and audit measures
  • Providing face-to-face training and workshops
  • Offering online training and facilitating discussion

The GDPR implementation plan will run over the course of 18 months. This is to continue to support our implementation after the May 2018 deadline.

Digitab's tips to prepare for GDPR

  • Review of the GDPR is critical: Get specialist advice and undertake a risk review with internal compliance and legal teams to work out how it applies to your business.
  • Consider the role of suppliers and third parties: Market Research Agencies will largely be considered as "data controllers" and you need to understand the scope and role of all third party "processors" in your supply chain.
  • What personal data do you hold and why? Consider detoxing your data - do you know what you have and why? How long have you held it? Do you need it? A review and purge of data before the coming into force of the GDPR in 2018 makes sense.
  • Review and monitor consent trends: Continue to review all consent language, to ensure it is clear and the intended use of the data is transparent.

So, at Digitab, the preparations for GDPR are well under way.
Please get in touch if you would like further information about how we are collaborating with our clients and suppliers.

What makes our report automation service indispensable to our clients?

The benefits of report automation are widely established, resulting in improved speed, accuracy and cost savings, which Digitab have embraced for over 30 years, working on high profile projects and at times generating thousands of reports a month.

What makes our report automation service indispensable to our clients, is our flexibility, which starts with our experienced and talented team. On average, our staff have been at Digitab for 20+ years and include a passionate mix of experts, possessing a wide breadth of knowledge and skills including market research, data processing, statistical analysis, report design, programming, working closely together in combining these in our report automation. Digitab support our clients throughout, from customised examples during proposals, to advice on analysis, report design and data visualisation.

How do we deliver value?

  • Flexible design; can automate almost anything: interactive, infographics, commentary, custom charts, multiple sources, significance testing, statistical techniques.
  • Flexible outputs: PowerPoint/Excel/Word/pdf/online, etc.
  • Flexible approach to meet needs of the project, working with any combination of client templates, slide libraries, or our designers can create stunning reports that clearly convey the results.
  • Flexible to change; able to react quickly to changes in the specification. Where the necessary tools don't exist we've created/modified our own as new functionality is required.

This incredible flexibility results in even faster delivery, accuracy and cost savings and extremely satisfied clients (not only delighting their stakeholders, but also improving team morale, and freeing up time to deliver insight).

We asked our automation clients how much time our service saved versus their previous approach, and their answers ranged up to 65%. They all said they would use us again and all said they would recommend us to others. Below are a couple of their comments:

"Yes, pushing internally for automation to become the standard approach"
"We found them first... just kidding... yes, absolutely"

You can find more client comments about our report automation here...

Link Age Southwark - make someone smile

Digitab were contacted by Link Age Southwark following a recommendation from a market research client.  Link Age Southwark needed help with the data processing and analysis of their annual user satisfaction program and Digitab agreed to complete the project on a pro-bono basis.

Link Age Southwark is a vibrant local charity providing friendly volunteer support to over 500 isolated, older people in Southwark. They help older people stay connected with their communities, alleviating loneliness, improving health and wellbeing and making communities stronger through volunteering.  We wanted to help them and support them in their valuable work.

Link Age Southwark's Director, Gemma Juma, wrote to us expressing their gratitude.  "We were delighted with the findings and I know that we will return to the tables again and again over the coming year to analyse different aspects of the results.  High quality data is incredibly important to any charity wishing to demonstrate its impact … and the work Digitab has done is a really exciting step forward for us".

In recognition of the help given they have awarded us the status of Business Patron which we have been honoured to accept.

Do you want to make a difference to an isolated, older person's life? Take a look at their website and see what a difference being a volunteer can make.

Donations to Link Age Southwark can be made here: