What makes our report automation service indispensable to our clients?

The benefits of report automation are widely established, resulting in improved speed, accuracy and cost savings, which Digitab have embraced for over 30 years, working on high profile projects and at times generating thousands of reports a month.

What makes our report automation service indispensable to our clients, is our flexibility, which starts with our experienced and talented team. On average, our staff have been at Digitab for 20+ years and include a passionate mix of experts, possessing a wide breadth of knowledge and skills including market research, data processing, statistical analysis, report design, programming, working closely together in combining these in our report automation. Digitab support our clients throughout, from customised examples during proposals, to advice on analysis, report design and data visualisation.

How do we deliver value?

  • Flexible design; can automate almost anything: interactive, infographics, commentary, custom charts, multiple sources, significance testing, statistical techniques.
  • Flexible outputs: PowerPoint/Excel/Word/pdf/online, etc.
  • Flexible approach to meet needs of the project, working with any combination of client templates, slide libraries, or our designers can create stunning reports that clearly convey the results.
  • Flexible to change; able to react quickly to changes in the specification. Where the necessary tools don't exist we've created/modified our own as new functionality is required.

This incredible flexibility results in even faster delivery, accuracy and cost savings and extremely satisfied clients (not only delighting their stakeholders, but also improving team morale, and freeing up time to deliver insight).

We asked our automation clients how much time our service saved versus their previous approach, and their answers ranged up to 65%. They all said they would use us again and all said they would recommend us to others. Below are a couple of their comments:

"Yes, pushing internally for automation to become the standard approach"
"We found them first... just kidding... yes, absolutely"

You can find more client comments about our report automation here...

Link Age Southwark - make someone smile

Digitab were contacted by Link Age Southwark following a recommendation from a market research client.  Link Age Southwark needed help with the data processing and analysis of their annual user satisfaction program and Digitab agreed to complete the project on a pro-bono basis.

Link Age Southwark is a vibrant local charity providing friendly volunteer support to over 500 isolated, older people in Southwark. They help older people stay connected with their communities, alleviating loneliness, improving health and wellbeing and making communities stronger through volunteering.  We wanted to help them and support them in their valuable work.

Link Age Southwark's Director, Gemma Juma, wrote to us expressing their gratitude.  "We were delighted with the findings and I know that we will return to the tables again and again over the coming year to analyse different aspects of the results.  High quality data is incredibly important to any charity wishing to demonstrate its impact … and the work Digitab has done is a really exciting step forward for us".

In recognition of the help given they have awarded us the status of Business Patron which we have been honoured to accept.

Do you want to make a difference to an isolated, older person's life? Take a look at their website and see what a difference being a volunteer can make.  

Donations to Link Age Southwark can be made here: 

MRS Operations Awards 2017 - Highly Commended

Digitab were very pleased to be awarded a ‘Highly Commended’ status at the MRS Operations Awards last week (Thursday 14th September 2017). It came after being nominated as finalists in Best Support Services for the 3rd year running,

Michael Wright, Digitab’s Managing Director, commented “Being shortlisted was an honour, so we’re thrilled to receive this recognition from the MRS. It means a lot to us to have been recognised for our efforts, especially amongst such tough competition”.

Digitab were established in 1980 and are one of the leading providers of start-to-end market research operations, providing specialist data processing solutions, tabulations, report automation/ dashboards, statistical analysis and data collection, to market research agencies and other organisations.

Michael continues “We continually strive to offer the highest level of service; working as trusted advisors and partners to our clients”.

We're raising money for UNICEF

From 24th May to 31st August 2017, we'll be participating in the Global Virgin Pulse Challenge in aid of UNICEF.

Our aim is to accumulate enough steps to have 'walked' around the globe in 100 days.

We'll be wearing Virgin Pulse Devices that track Our steps on a daily basis. This will include walking, running, cycling and swimming.

The money we raise as a team for UNICEF will be used to make a significant difference in protecting vulnerable children across Bangladesh, Malawi, Bolivia and Mauritania.

If you would like to donate, then please either donate at http://www.justgiving.com/MLP-1st-Team

or text TMLP77 £5 to 70070


Right now, millions of children are in danger. They face violence, disease, hunger and the chaos of war and disaster. Unicef ensures more children get life-saving food, vaccinations, education and protection than anyone else. With your help, we can build a safer world for children. unicef.org.uk

Charity Registration No. 1072612 (England & Wales) and SC043677 (Scotland)

Implementing Nobel-Prize Winning Theory to Key Driver Analysis

Key driver analysis is vital research for most businesses and is used to identify the most important aspects driving crucial business decisions. It can answer the common questions that may arise within your company, such as “What features of this product are influencing sales?” or, “Which areas of our service affect customer satisfaction the most?”

There are numerous methods of quantifying the variables that influence a key outcome, including various multiple linear regression techniques. However, linear regression can result in biased, spurious or suppressed results, most notably when some of the independent variables are closely correlated. The problem that occurs with highly correlated independent variables is multicollinearity, which is the inability to separate the contribution of the independent variables on the target.

Shapley Value regression analysis has been derived by Lipovetsky & Conklin from the Shapley Value method developed within the context of game theory. The Shapley Value gives an indication of the prospects of winning when co-operating with another player; the higher the Shapley Value, the better the player's prospects. The Shapley value analysis provides consistent results in the presence of multicollinearity because it calculates a score for all possible combinations of the independent variables, thus determining the effect of each one separately. Lloyd Shapley with Alvin E.Roth won the 2012 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for "the theory of stable allocations and the practice of market design."

Aside from the benefits of being less affected by multicollinearity, Shapley Value analysis also offers easily understandable results;  it shows the contribution of each independent variable as a percentage of the whole, so no negative results. Furthermore, this technique is stable when measuring effects over multiple waves.

After Shapley Value regression has been applied, significance testing can be implemented in order to see which variables have an influence on the dependent variable and to exclude irrelevant variables from the model. Different combinations of independent variables can be interrogated to see how they affect the dependent variable and each other, providing a deeper understanding of how the variables interact.

Remove the risk of erratic and illogical results by investing in Digitab’s Shapley Value Regression tool.

For more information on Shapley Value Regression or to speak to one of our consultants please call Mike Wright on tel +44 (0) 20 7031 0287 or email mike@digitab.uk.com.