Since it was founded in 1980 by Eric Willson (Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society), Digitab has provided high quality statistical analysis to the Market Research industry. We have developed a wide range of software for multivariate analysis and statistical modelling. In 2001, Digitab won the award for “Best New Thinking” at the MRS Conference.
Digitab has a statistical team, led by Michael Wright (Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society). He and his team have a wide range of multivariate statistical tools at their disposal some of which have been built in-house and are unique to Digitab. Cutting edge techniques such as SEM, Targeted boot strapping (TABOO), Latent growth analysis, Shapley Value Regression analysis, PLS, Latent class analysis, Neural Networks, supplement the normal range of multivariate methods.


Statistical analysis offered

  • Association and Correlation
  • Regression – Linear / Non-linear / Logistic
  • Analysis of Variance
  • Discriminant analysis – membership formulae / rules
  • Factor Analysis – PCA / Orthogonal / Oblique rotation / confirmatory
  • Cluster Analysis – Linkage / Hierarchical / K-Means / Allocation
  • Mapping – Perceptual / Preference / Correspondence / Passive data
  • Automatic Interaction Detection (AID) / CHAID
  • Conjoint Analysis
  • Brand Price Trade Off
  • Targeted Bootstrapping (TABOO)
  • Experimental design – Orthogonality / Balance / Utility equality and overlap
  • Non-Statistical methods – Neural Networks / Genetic Algorithms

Advanced techniques

  • Key Driver Analysis (Shapley Value Method)
  • Latent Class Regression
  • Structural Equation Modelling
  • Partial Least Squares Regression (PLS)

Why use Digitab for your statistical analysis?
Added value
Take your research to the next level and incorporate statistical analysis to provide an insight into the more complex issues of your research. We are specialists in multivariate analysis and can advise on the most appropriate methodology to maximize the quality of your findings and generate actionable results.
Digitab has been at the forefront of developments in statistical analysis for Market Research and we are continually introducing new techniques. Our understanding of the tools available is unparalleled and our practical experience of utilising these tools on actual projects is second to none.
Workshops Training
Digitab can also provide workshops or training sessions for researchers to develop their statistical knowledge so that statistical analysis becomes an additional tool in the researchers’ range of methodologies.